What’s in a Name? What are History and Tradition Worth?

What’s in a Name? What are History and Tradition Worth?

Campaign: a series of activities designed to produce a particular result (Campaigner subsequently would be someone working to carry out activities designed to produce a particular result)

Fighter: 1) a warrior or soldier  2) someone who does not give up: someone who continues fighting or trying

Champion: 1) someone or something (such as a team or an animal) that has won a contest or competition especially in sports  2) someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.

Advocate: 1) a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy  2) a person who works for a cause or group

Reformer: a person who works to change and improve a society, government, etc.

The definitions of the above words all come from a search on Merriam Webster’s website.  If you read through these definitions and apply them to a person, how would that person be viewed?  Strong? Principled? Defender?   These five words (or root words) listed above are all synonyms that come up when the word “Crusader” is entered into the Google search engine.

Crusader Definition

An interesting thing to note as well is the sample sentences used for the term.  “She was a crusader against domestic violence.”  “Crusaders for early detection and treatment of mental illness.”  These sample sentences reinforce the term “Crusader” as a strong defender.

For 65 of the school’s 100 years of existence, the mascot for Denver Christian Schools was a Crusader.  The mascot that draws synonyms to the words campaigner, fighter, champion, advocate and reformer is an, “inconsistent, inappropriate symbol” for the school’s mission according to the CEO of the school, Todd Lanting.

Not only did Mr. Lanting state that the Crusader mascot was inappropriate, but he also made a comparison to German Nazis when he was speaking with two middle school students of the school.  Peter Boyles of 710 KNUS in Denver obtained an audio recording in which Mr. Lanting made the reference to German Nazis.  Click below to hear Mr. Lanting’s comments made to students.

For the CEO of Denver Christian to make that comparison, it should cause everyone to question what the agenda of Mr. Lanting is moving forward.

For 65 years, Denver Christian students represented the Crusader mascot with pride.  Denver Christian has a deep history built over the 100 years of existence.  A major part of the history is being a Crusader for Christ.  Students have organized trips into downtown Denver to feed the homeless.  Students have worked hard in athletics and have earned state championships in multiple sports.  Students have participated in chapels to worship and learn together.

The traits students have worked to display emulate Jesus Christ.  The name “Christian” appears on athletic uniforms.  Coaches reminded players of this and to compete hard in a sportsmanlike & Christlike manner.  The students at Denver Christian, by and large, have worked to be Crusaders for Christ.


Todd Lanting has been at Denver Christian for 2 years.  He has not appreciated the rich history of Denver Christian.  Mr. Lanting has not embraced, “The Great D.C.”.  Instead, alumni and those in the Denver Christian community have largely been ignored as he pushed a change in the mascot.

Many have said Denver Christian has bowed to political correctness.  Looking from a distance, I agree with that.  If that was not the case, Mr. Lanting and Denver Christian would most certainly listen to the alumni and members of the community.  Instead, the change of mascot was not publicized to the alumni.

The Denver Christian website states, “we value honesty and integrity.  We demonstrate the Gospel by acting fairly, transparently and responsibly, and by communicating openly and effectively. “ Sadly, transparency is non-existent and communication with alumni of the school has been severely lacking.

Many of the alumni of Denver Christian have voiced their support of keeping the Crusader mascot.  Unforunately, Mr. Lanting does not reply to emails that have been sent to him regarding the Crusader mascot.  In addition, two interview requests have been made by the Peter Boyles show and both have been declined.

It is becoming more and more painfully obvious that history and traditions, no matter how deep, are not worth anything to Mr. Lanting.  Christ’s standards don’t change but it is apparent that Denver Christian’s standards are changing in order to keep up with the politically correct world.  Sad times indeed.

To those that have been part of the Great D.C.  I say, “Go Crusaders, Go! Fight! Win!”

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2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? What are History and Tradition Worth?

  1. Great points Matt. Well said.
    I can’t say I know much about the new Denver Christian culture, but it is clear that the direction is different and the schools traditions and history are becoming a distant memory.

  2. Wonderfully said Matt! You are right on every count. It truly is a sad day to see this kind of disregard on the part of the DC administration. Especially when they promote “honesty, transparency and open communication”. Sadly, I have witnessed this happening in many churches as well. This must truly grieve our Lord’s heart.

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